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Budokai Kempo Karate

Sensei Michael Zinck, 8th Dan, Shitoryu Kempo Karate

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Congratulations to the students!

Welcome to winter!

While it's cold outside, the dojo will be heating up with all the hard work ahead for 2019. There are a few tournaments we'll be entering.

2019 Student drive

Our new flyers are ready and we've selected the ones we're going to print. We'll be distributing them shortly.

Would you like to organize a self defense session for your friend or co-workers? We can help with that!


19:00 - 21:00
Kempo Karate Jutsu
Kempo Karate Jutsu

Please note, the kids class will be from 7 to 8 PM.

Location News

It might be cold outside, but it's a hot class!


Our next testing will be in the February/March time frame. More details will be available as we get closer to the date.


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